This blog is no longer active

This blog was a product of the Advanced Internet Communications course at Arkansas State University.
As much fun as it was to create a new post every week, my collegiate career is coming to an end. Alas, this blog will no longer be updated, but will remain posted for anyone who would like to view it. During this blog’s active period, I updated it with a new post every week covering the topic of various social media outlets and their pace in the social media landscape. Some of the sites that I discovered during the course of this project I still use to this day (reddit is slowing sucking up every spare moment of my time, big mistake). So, I encourage you to go back to the first post of this blog and follow along as we visit several different social media sites and learn about each one. Read my thoughts, watch my videos, and leave your comments as I will still be able to see them.

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deviantART Week

What is deviantART? 

DeviantART is a social art gallery started in 2000 as an open source application skinning site, but quickly evolved into a place for artists of all disciplines to show and critique their work. Users are called deviants and works are called deviations.


Signing Up

You don’t have to be an artist to use deviantART. A standard username, email, and password sign-up posses creates you a profile. Personalize it by adding a profile picture, edit your personal interests page, and add friends.


Using deviantART

Mark your favorites, publish deviations, and comment on other deviants’ work. Monetize your art and sell prints. The most enjoyable part, though, is discovering amazing artwork.


First Impressions

Pros: Awesome artwork. Great opportunity for artist to be discovered by people who appreciate their work. Monetization for artists.

Cons: Site stability issues (minor). Copyright concerns. No way to import friends from Facebook/email/google/twitter.

Video Tour

Tumblr Week

What is Tumblr?
Tumblr is a microblogging website similar to WordPress or Blogger, but adds a heavy dose of social media. Users manage their ‘tumblelogs’ and content for their followers to see.
Signing Up
Signing up requires that you create a user name and password combination, but then allows you to link your account to Twitter and Facebook. Tumblr then allows you to import your contact from your Facebook and Gmail and checks to see if they have Tumblr accounts. You then have the option to follow or invite these friends to Tumblr.tumblrcatagories

Using Tumblr Follow tumblogs that you are interested in, create your own tumblog, serch for content by searching tags.

First Impressions

Pros: 102 Million Blogs to choose from. Create and manage multiple blogs easily. Meet people with similar interests.

Cons: No native comment system. Adult content is a problem. Hard to find friends that use tumblr.

The Final Verdict is in the Video

LinkedIn Week

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a Professional Networking Site that allows users create a list of connections with other professionals from their real life professional acquaintances whether they use LinkedIn or not.


Signing Up

After creating an Email and Password combination, new users are given the opportunity to invite contacts from multiple email contact lists. Invitations are sent to these contacts asking if they want to connect with you on LinkedIn. They do not have to have a LinkedIn account to become a connection. Users can then edit their profile to include a profile picture, resume, list of current and past employers, and much more.


Using LinkedIn

Users can find and track connections, post and review resumes, and bookmark jobs that they would like to apply for. Employers can use the site for hiring and recrutment of upper level positions.


First Impressions

Pros: Only connect to people that you know in person, no one is unknown in your LinkedIn connections. Posting your resume where interested employers can see it. Following companies and groups keeps you informed on what you are interested in.

Cons: Premium LinkedIn subscriptions are expensive. There is no verification process for the information on someones profile. You can put virtually ANYTHING on your profile and there is no way for an interested party to know what is real and what is manufactured.

Look for my Final Verdict in the Video

Reddit Week

What is Reddit?

Best described as a social news and sharing site, Reddit‘s slogan is “The front page of the internet“. The name comes from a mash-up of the words Read/Edit as well as a play on the phrase “Read It” as in “I read it on Reddit”. Loosely based on a public bulletin board, Reddit features user-submitted posts in categories called “sub-reddits” upon wich users can up-vote or down-vote.

Signing Up

Unfortunately, Reddit requires you to create a new & unique username and password in order to make an account. What is this 2006? We don’t need another username/password combo to remember. I would much prefer linking to Google or Facebook.


Using Reddit

Users submit content, ether as  links to other sites or as original content, into sub-reddit categories. Other users can then up-vote or down-vote that content according to how enjoyable or relevent it is. The most popular posts for the day are briefly placed on the coveted front page.

First Impressions

Pros: Endless ammount of content organized into conveniant catagories. Meme spawning subreddits like IAmA and TIL. Font Page is always good for the

Cons: Signing Up requires you to create a new unique username and password. Getting bogged down in content.

See Video for Final Verdict

Stumble Upon Week

What is StumbleUpon?
StumbleUpon is the Internet’s shuffle button. Content from across the internet is displayed at random from a playlist created based on your interests.


Signing Up
Sign in with Facebook, or create a separate log in and password with your email. Link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and G+ so you can share your stumbles.


Using StumbleUpon
Bored? Stumble! Setup your interests and press the stumble button until your boredom is gone. Like things that interest you and share them with friends.


First Impressions

Pros: Ultimate boredom killer. Share interesting things with your friends. App for on-the-go. Broaden your internet horizons.

Cons: Picture-only stumbles do not have captions. Stumble fatigue can set in after a few thousand Stumbles. Repeat Stumbles are a problem.

See Video Review for Final Verdict

Some interesting things that I stumbled upon this week. Enjoy!

25 Simple Yet Awesome Gadgets and Accessories

Kiss cam .gif

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER…

Useful Life Hacks

Imgur Week

What is Imgur?

Imgur, pronounced image-er, is a picture hosting website similar to DeviantArt or TinyPic. Their official mascot is the Imguraffe.

User submitted photos can be ranked by Upvotes and Downvotes and the most popular ones get showcased in the gallery. The gallery is what you see on the main page, shown below.


Signing Up

An account can be automatically created by linking Imagur to your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Yahoo account. A custom account can be created with its own username and password if you so choose.


You can upgrade your account to Pro to get the most out of Imgur. There is a yearly fee charged to users with a Pro account.

Using Imgur

Once you make a free account, start surfing the content in the gallery, when you find pictures and .gifs that you like, Upvote and share them. Upload your own photos and see how they fare on the gallery.

Todays Trending .gifs on Imgur

See my Video Review for First Impressions!